About Us

QBox was an idea that started 2 years ago as my dad, an artist by trade created a cardboard light box of Barack Obama using tissue paper, paper card and a small lamp that connected to the mains. After seeing the idea I instantly liked the concept but didn't take too much notice as it seemed as a hobby for fun.

A year passed and I saw the idea develop as he created a few more "prototypes", Jimi Hendrix was next then followed by Nelson Mandela. He went from the lamp to strip lights that changed colour and used a USB cable. It was at this point that I saw the potential in the product and told my dad I wanted to help out.

We went from there to using wooden frames instead of the cardboard and then lights that didn't need to be plugged in so they could be put anywhere. After a few tries, and a lot of creative thought we managed to find something we were happy with. A light box frame that could be operated remotely.

The final product was innovative but still kept the same key features as the originals, in fact the designs of Barack Obama and Jimi Hendrix are the same designs as the first two my dad created.

We now want to launch this product for people to enjoy, whether thats to liven up your living room, decoration for a venue or as a night light for your kids. Whichever it is, we hope you like the product! We are a small team, just my dad and me but we hope the QBox will be enjoyed by many.